Julie Desk features

Company Names, Who calls Who and Automatic Follow-Up

Dear and beloved Julie’s bosses,

Things are moving fast and we need you to help us release our next amazing features.

I. Company Names

But first things first, 2 weeks ago, we released a feature that a lot of you were asking (and we forgot to announce it), so here it goes: Julie puts Company Names in the title of Events that she schedules so that you have a better understanding of who you’re meeting/having a call with.

old meeting title
Old title
new meeting title
New title



II. Who calls who

Julie has always been getting your interlocutor’s contacts details for you. Especially for calls, you don’t have to look for your contact numbers before your call. Everything was already in the event notes. Your phone number was there and your contact’s phone number too.

With some of you,  we tried an even clearer formulation that we added the “location” field of the event. It goes like this: “Julien call Thomas at +33 6 00 00 00 00”  We kept both Julien and Thomas’ numbers in the event’s notes just in case, but with a single glance at your calendar, the location field tells you the number to call and who is supposed to call who.

meeting scheduling - phone number

Next week, this feature will be available to everyone and, by default, Julie will write that YOU will call “YOUR INTERLOCUTER” on “HIS NUMBER”. If you prefer your interlocutor to call you, please email Julie right now (like you always do) to update this in your preferences.

III. Automatic Follow-Up

Last but not least, we’re actively working on the Automatic Follow-Up feature. This will only be available in the Pro Plan or for people in the Enterprise Plan. It means that you will be able to configure Julie to follow up with non-answered time slots suggestion automatically. For those who will activate this feature, an auto-follow-up rule will need to be setup. We strongly feel that the best way to proceed is like this:

  1. Julie sends time slots. Ex: November 13th 5 pm, November 18th 10 am, November 19th 2 pm
  2. Julie waits for an answer till November 19th.
  3. If no answer is made on November 19th, she’ll follow up with your interlocutor and ask him/her availabilities
  4. If there is still no answer one week later, Julie will email you to ask for further instructions.

The best rule to set as a default is currently being discussed internally so we would be more than happy to have your feedback on this. Also, any comment will help us shape the non-default rules that we will make available for you at some point.

Thank you very much for your help.

Talk to you soon.

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Julien H.

CEO @Julie Desk, Julie Desk is an AI-Based scheduling assistant.

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