Case study Julie Desk Michael Ferranti

Julie, an international virtual assistant!

Michael Ferranti is the Marketing VP of a software company specialized in Container Data Management. 

Michael is based in France but his work demands constant traveling. An effective management of his calendar is, therefore, a real challenge, especially if he has to take into account all different time zones.

“I travel intensively and managing my meetings scheduling process while taking into account different time zones is a real nightmare!”

When Michael heard about Julie via Twitter (not following us yet? it’s @juliedesk), he started testing out the solution. 

“I was a little skeptical at first; could an AI really provide a personal experience?

With the free trial period offered by Julie Desk, Michael could see for himself and approve of the pertinence and quality of the service.

I’ve been using the service for almost 2 years now and I have complete trust in Julie. When I send her a request, I know it will be handled properly and I will not be disappointed with the final result. 

Download the complete case study and find out how Julie helped Michael Ferranti gain time and become more efficient.

Want to know more about the collaboration between Julie Desk and Michael Ferranti?  Contact us!

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