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Optimize your calendar management with Julie! [Case Study]

Frédéric Ooms is the Executive Director of ID Campus, a non-profit organization that offers trainings and workshops to stimulate and nurture creativity and innovation among students, entrepreneurs, organizations and helps them bring their ideas to life.

Being an entrepreneur usually means having a busy schedule and seeing many collaborators, and being an entrepreneur AND an Executive Director at ID Campus, Frédéric Ooms has to deal with a very busy schedule.

“I have a very busy schedule. I schedule and attend internal meetings, teach during trainings and meet with clients regularly to develop a strategy that best corresponds their needs.”

It took Frédéric’s about 4 to 5 emails to schedule a meeting before he discovered Julie via Google Search and since then, it’s been a perfect and trustworthy collaboration.

“I was aware of virtual assistant services out there but had never heard about AI-based assistants. When I found Julie Desk, I was immediately seduced; the human component to the service is key, I don’t feel like I am talking to a machine!” 

Download the complete case study and find out how ID Campus gained in efficiency in calendar management

Want to know more about the collaboration between Julie Desk and ID Campus?  Contact us!

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