Happy New Year 2017! (Infographics)

I hope you enjoyed your holiday celebrations with your family and friends. May the new year lead to the achievement of all your goals, both personal and professional.

Happy new year

2016 was the year for the launch of chatbots for Facebook and the development of many companies in this conversational economy in the hopes of better serving their consumers. Virtual assistants are increasingly present in our daily lives and soon there will be no more need to press buttons to use your services. You will only need to speak to your device.

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How to build Empathy in AI?

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend and speak at AI Europe in London.

Lots of interesting and passionate debates on the evolution of AI. I want to get back to a question I was asked and I tried to answer during my keynote speech: How will Virtual Assistants impact the Internet and, on a larger scale, Society as a whole?

First, it’s important to define what we mean when we talk about virtual assistant based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are mainly influenced by science-fiction movies, and we all have our own fantasies about what our lives could look like with an assistant like « HER », capable of achieving every task we ask of her, and in the end, become a part of our daily life, and even a close friend!

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Julie’s Handbook or How to Get Most of Your AI Assistant

This guide is intended for all our users who are just looking to get started with Julie or to those who want to improve Julie’s efficiency.

1. The Basics

1.1 The Request
1.2 Don’t forget What
1.3 Don’t forget Who
1.4 Don’t forget Where
1.5 Don’t forget Timezone
1.6 Don’t forget Time Constraints
1.7 What about Context?

2. Advanced

2.1 Waiting for your contact availabilities
2.2 Dealing with Priority
2.3 Just sending out invites
2.4 Dealing with an assistant
2.5 Understanding how Julie sees your calendar and your free slots

3. Few words on Enterprise scheduling

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How I used AI for recruiting

Early January, Julie Desk published 7 job offers (Data Scientist, Developers, Sales, Marketing, Operation, Etc). One of our Job offers (Marketing Manager) received more than a hundred applications in 2 days!

Gif - managing job applications

So suddenly, I needed to find a way to screen all those incoming applications without any extra hands to help.

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Julie is taking 2 days off for Christmas and New Year’s Day

Dear Customers,

You’re all preparing the end of the Year and hopefully, you’ll have the chance to get some vacation to spend Christmas with your family.

As you may well know, Julie’s Artificial Intelligence is supervised by humans, working 24/7 to ensure the best quality and response time. For these Holidays, we want to make an exception to the rule and allow all our supervisors to take 2 days off for Christmas and New Year’s Day. 

This means that your emails will not be processed:

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Company Names, Who calls Who and Automatic Follow-Up

Dear and beloved Julie’s bosses,

Things are moving fast and we need you to help us release our next amazing features.

I. Company Names

But first things first, 2 weeks ago, we released a feature that a lot of you were asking (and we forgot to announce it), so here it goes: Julie puts Company Names in the title of Events that she schedules so that you have a better understanding of who you’re meeting/having a call with.

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