Meet Ferdinand Roth, Data Scientist at Julie Desk #LifeAtJulie

It might be a new year but some things don’t change and sometimes that’s for the better! The #LifeAtJulie series continues and today, let’s meet Ferdinand Roth, Data Scientist and Basket Officer in Chief at Julie Desk!

You can still find previous episodes of #LifeAtJulie, in case you’ve missed them. 


1. Hi Ferdinand, can you tell us a bit more about your background?

I studied mathematics for 4 years at the University of Nancy before joining Telecom Paris Tech Engineering School, where I deepened my knowledge and skills in statistics and machine learning. Then, I worked as a Data Scientist at Bluestone, where I stayed for a year. Following that year as a consultant, I joined the startup PriceMatch, where I worked on a Revenue Management algorithm. And after that, I was hired at Julie Desk. 

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Happy New Year 2017! (Infographics)

I hope you enjoyed your holiday celebrations with your family and friends. May the new year lead to the achievement of all your goals, both personal and professional.


2016 was the year for the launch of chatbots for Facebook and the development of many companies in this conversational economy in the hopes of better serving their consumers. Virtual assistants are increasingly present in our daily lives and soon there will be no more need to press buttons to use your services. You will only need to speak to your device.

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Meet Frédéric Grais, Developer at Julie Desk! #LifeAtJulie

Our #LifeAtJulie series continue and in this episode, let’s meet Frédéric Grais, Developer at Julie Desk. He will share with us a piece of his professional and personal world and that will help us understand why he is also our Chief Security Officer 😉

If you missed the previous episodes, you can still meet the co-founders and our Sales Manager.


1. Hi Fred, can you tell us a bit more about your background?

Hello, my name is Frédéric and I’m 25 years old. I have been a Developper at Julie Desk since August 2015, so over a year now. 

My education background is quite typical for a Developer. After graduating from high school, I completed a University-level Technology Diploma in Electrical Engineering and Industrial IT at the University Institute of Technology of Villeurbanne (Lyon-France). Then, I enrolled in the University of Technology of Troyes, an Engineering School that offers excellent programs to students from different horizons.

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Meet Pierre-Louis Maurel, Sales Manager @ Julie Desk #LifeAtJulie

Welcome to a new episode of our #LifeAtJulie series. Meet Pierre-Louis Maurel, Sales Manager at Julie Desk. He will outline all his favourite things and maybe share a thing or two about being a true closer, especially since he is also our very own Chief Soccer Officer 

In case you missed episode 1-3, you can still see them 😉


1. Hi Pierre-Louis, can you tell us a bit more about your background?

I grew up in Lyon where I studied Finance in a business school. I had the chance to travel, meet amazing people and share awesome moments. But I will always be in love with my hometown, its local gastronomy and I am a true supporter of Olympique Lyonnais.

2. How did you end up at Julie Desk?

My previous experiences in big corporate companies have led me to want to work in a more human centered and gratifying environment. And, I find I am developing  an entrepreneurial mindset at Julie Desk.

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Julie: Behind the scenes! [Infographic]

“Julie who is CC’d in this email will contact you to schedule the meeting”

Ah! Where would we be without her? Even though she is an integral part of your daily life, we haven’t really taken the time to fully introduce her to you have we? Let’s fix this right now: come discover what goes on behind the scenes of Julie through this infographic display. You can print it and showcase it above your desk, share it with your friends… the possibilities are endless.

A self-aware intelligence…

If we go back to the definition and origins of the term intelligence,Wikipedia, the king of definitions tells us this:

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Watch our live demo of Julie [Webinar]

On September 13th, we hosted our very first webinar! You missed it? No worries, we recorded it and you get watch it on demand 🙂

Why a webinar?

We have noticed that you have lots of questions regarding Julie: how to sign up, how to give access to my agenda, how do you secure the info, what kind of requests can I send to Julie, what languages does she understand etc.

It’s true that an AI-based scheduling assistant is kind of a new thing! So we’ve decided to host a global live webinar to answer all the questions you may have. Feel free to share your questions with us and we will add them to our presentation!

How does it work?

The best way to understand how Julie works and realize the value she can bring is to see it live! That’s exactly what we show you!

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Meet Guillaume Michiels, CPO at Julie Desk #LifeAtJulie

New episode in our series #LifeAtJulie! Today, we will meet the third co-founder of Julie Desk: Guillaume Michiels, our CPO (Chief Product Officer). Be ready for this spiritual moment; for those of you who don’t know it, Guillaume is also our Chief Voodoo Officer 😉!

Guillaume Michiels Julie Desk

1. Hi Guillaume, can you tell us a bit more about your background?

Hi there! What can I say… I grew up between Paris and its suburb in a loving family who have always motivated me to move forward.

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