10 Productivity Influencers You Should Know

As much as we all manage to meet deadlines and get the work done most of the time, we still seek to be more productive because we know that there is always room for improvement when it comes to time management. You can find countless productivity hacks and tools all over the internet and but sometimes it is also useful to find productivity experts that can help you in your efficiency levels on the daily.

For this reason, I have gathered 10 productivity influencers who speak on this topic quite often and who come up with new ideas and advice to help become more efficient. Whether you are a productivity addict or your time management skills are not up to par, you should check out some of these influencers to stay motivated.

Andrea Feinberg - productivity expert  1. Andrea Feinberg @coachandrea  

Author of Time Junkie: 101 Ways for Business Owners to Break the Habit and Get Free Time NOW Andrea Feinberg is a professional coach for small businesses as she helps them create some free time and become a happier version of themselves while their business runs smoothly and stays profitable. She also discusses topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Strategic leadership and Behavioral Analysis. Her blog Free Time Zone is one to add to your favorites.

Tim Ferriss - productivity expert 2. Tim Ferriss @timferiss 

I almost don’t need to say anything about him; I bet you have already heard his name at least once before. Tim Ferriss is the famous man behind the published and widely read books The 4 Hour Work Week, The 4 hour Body, just to name a few; he is the author of a dozen books, an amazing public speaker and entrepreneur. He certainly has more than a few answers to some of our struggles when it comes to productivity.

Darius Foroux - productivity expert 3. Darius Foroux @dariusforoux

Founder of Massive Life Success, Darius Foroux’s principal objective is how to overcome procrastination. We all procrastinate sometimes, don’t we? Well, he might have a few answers for you. He shares his views on his blog and offers an online course to help you have a more productive life and simply achieve more.

Larry Kim - productivity expert 4. Larry Kim @LarryKim

Founder and CTO of the company MobileMonkey, he also writes for Medium and Magazine. He tackles many different subjects, namely marketing tools and productivity. He has a great article about the effect of multitasking on the brain.

Deb Allison Lee - productivity expert 5. Deb Allison Lee @DAllisonLee

Deb Allison Lee is a productivity consultant, a Digital Business Coach, a Certified Professional Organizer and a public speaker. She loves helping small business entrepreneurs use technology to their companies’ maximum advantage. As much as she writes about productivity, she also writes on other subjects such as Apps, social media, organizing and blogging, just to name a few. If you do not have the time to read all her articles, I recommend you start today with the best quotes to give you motivation. I think once you read those, you will find the motivation to give the other productivity articles a little peek.  

Penny Zenker - productivity expert 6. Penny Zenker @pennyzenker

Author of the book The Productivity Zone: Stop the Tug Of War With Time, Penny Zenker is a productivity and time management expert. She fills out stadiums with her public speaking events and, according to her, productivity can be achieved through shaking your body. Physiological health is just as important as mental health and I definitely agree with her.


Benjamin P. Hardy - productivity expert 7. Benjamin P. Hardy @BenjaminPHardy

Author of the ebooks Slipstream Time Hacking and From Zero to Thousands of Target Blog Subscribers, Benjamin P. Hardy writes regularly on Medium and he shares his insights, his writing process on blogging and productivity. He strongly believes that “ you can put yourself in situations that force you to show up at your highest level” and he helps you reach your most productive level so that you can triple your blog traffic and be your most productive self altogether.

Chris Bailey - productivity expert 8. Chris Bailey @wigglechicken

Author of the Productivity Project, Chris Bailey calls himself a “curious nerd”. He covers everything from How to make you to-do list sexier to the habits of happier, more productive workplaces. In his Ted Talk, he talks about how he often uses himself as guinea pig to conduct experiments in the aim of finding out all that he is capable of achieving (both mentally and physically) in the course of a day. He also talks about the relationship between meditation and productivity.

Stever Robbins - productivity expert9. Stever Robbins @GetItDoneGuy

This is the guy you need to discover if you want to live an extraordinary life all around. He offers out-of-the-box guidance for your personal and professional life and helps you change your thinking strategies so that you can simply “Get it done” and reach the goals you have set for yourself. He is an entrepreneur, an executive coach and a podcaster on productivity. He knows how to motivate people and get them to think the way they should be more successful. His book Get it Done Guy’s 9 steps to Work Less and Do More is proof of that.

Natalie N Houston - productivity expert10. Natalie M. Houston @nmhouston

Personal productivity coach and Associate Literature and Digital Humanities Professor, Natalie M. Houston is passionate about productivity, education and technology. She has written several academic papers and is also a regular writer contributor on ProfHacker. She writes about productivity on re:focus now. She helps people fight procrastination and coaches academics and professionals to achieve great success.

This was a random selection made in no particular order. Feel free to share your favorite productivity experts with us!