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Why replacing man with machine is a fantasy in the world of Artificial Intelligence?

With the increasing importance of AI in the economy, a new working world is emerging, marked by a new normal between man and machine. It all began with a study published in 2013 by two researchers from Oxford University entitled "The future of employment: how susceptible are jobs to computerization?"
Future of Work

A working day in 2039

After the success of What a working day will look like in 2038, we decided to paint another picture of the not-so-distant future with this new chapter of our story. Here’s what tomorrow's working world could look like as innovations like 3D printing become ubiquitous and creativity is stimulated by...
Artificial IntelligenceFuture of Work

How the quantum computer will transform work in the future

Quantum computing is an experimental technology that could one day revolutionize data analysis and artificial intelligence. Quantum computing is a term that brings to mind both the world of science fiction and that of esoteric research conducted by scientists in a lab. In reality, however, this technology is beginning to...