Optimize your brand image with Julie! [Case study]

Erwan Coatnoan de Kerdu is the Head of ICV Finance, a company specialized in the development of intangible capital for companies. He is an expert in the management of company performance and his customers include SMEs and both national and international big groups.

Erwan has been present in the entrepreneur and finance ecosystem for a long time and he has always looked for great solutions to help him be more efficient and focus more on the fundamental part of his job: to help his clients develop their intangible capital.

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Optimize your calendar management with Julie! [Case Study]

Frédéric Ooms is the Executive Director of ID Campus, a non-profit organization that offers trainings and workshops to stimulate and nurture creativity and innovation among students, entrepreneurs, organizations and helps them bring their ideas to life.

Being an entrepreneur usually means having a busy schedule and seeing many collaborators, and being an entrepreneur AND an Executive Director at ID Campus, Frédéric Ooms has to deal with a very busy schedule.

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Schedule and manage your conferences with Julie Desk [case study]

Sandra LeGrand is the founder of Kalidea, a service platform for corporate services, sold to the UP Group in 2016.  She created a new company, Conf & Co, a conference management company that allows her to engage in her profession as a speaker for corporate events ( Carrefour, Lazard, OpinionWay, Coca-Cola, etc) and universities and Business Schools in France.

As an entrepreneur renowned in the corporate world, Sandra Le Grand wears several hats.

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Julie, an international virtual assistant!

Michael Ferranti is the Marketing VP of a software company specialized in Container Data Management. 

Michael is based in France but his work demands constant traveling. An effective management of his calendar is, therefore, a real challenge, especially if he has to take into account all different time zones.

“I travel intensively and managing my meetings scheduling process while taking into account different time zones is a real nightmare!”

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How to maximize efficiency during meeting scheduling: Withings case study

Created in 2008, the consumer electronics company Withings is specialized in Health-related connected objects.

Withings connected objects

Alexis Normand has been the Healthcare Development Director at Withings since 2013 and an essential part of his business consist of maintaining interpersonal relationships. He is constantly in meetings with various actors of the Health ecosystem with whom he wishes to develop the use of connected objects. 

“Meeting scheduling is a repetitive and tedious activity. We spend hours verifying availabilities, juggling between various emails to find a time slot that suits everybody, canceling and postponing meetings. Basically, it’s a real puzzle that I needed to liberate myself from.”

It is important for Alexis to maintain a relation with his various interlocutors and mismanaging his appointments, with repetitive errors, could have a very bad impact on these relationships. That is the reason why he needed to find a successful and trustworthy solution to handle this time-consuming and repetitive task.

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Julie, a sales assistant for consultants! [case study]

In 2014, Christophe Amouroux created Twelve Consulting, an independent consulting firm, specialized in digital transformation strategies in the Banking, Insurance and Health sectors.  

“Our objective is to help our customers define and implement their digital strategies in the aim of delivering the best possible experience to their clients.”

Optimizing time management is a challenge for us all, but it can be even more critical for consultants who have to deal with multiple matters simultaneously (clients, missions, partners…)

“As CEO of Twelve Consulting, my job is to spend as much time as possible with my teams and my clients and for that, I need to free my schedule of all low value-added tasks.”

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Julie, an assistant for all VC! [case study ]

In 2013, François Paulus, Maximilien Bacot et Benoît Marrel co-founded Breega Capital, a European investment fund destined to help finances startups in the digital economy.

The time dedicated to the ecosystem is a key resource for investment funds, in particular Breega Capital that operates as a real partner rather than a simple financier. Hence, the challenge for Benoit and his team to find a solution that allows them to optimize their time management and become more efficient.   

Being a Venture Capitalist implies scheduling several appointments with people external to the company and scheduling these appointments themselves can quickly become extremely tedious.

“I would rather spend my time meeting and exchanging with entrepreneurs and actors in our ecosystem than doing repetitive, time-consuming and non-value adding tasks such as appointment scheduling.”

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