How to have a successful conference call

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably seen the viral video of Professor Robert E. Kelly whose live BBC News interview gets interrupted by his two children – in case this is news to you, we have a copy of the video for you. 🙂

Even though this video ended up being loved by many because of its realness and the adorable kids, there are a number of tricks that could have prevented this.

With all the ongoing technological improvements, video conferencing has slowly inserted itself into our lives and has become a common way to communicate in a professional setting, whether it is for a client meeting, an interview or just to stay in touch with colleagues who are working from home (or vice versa). A video conference call is different from a regular call because it helps you stay meeting focused and organized, brainstorm and find solutions to problems instantly and create a better connection with your interlocutor, but it is just as important. Whether you are a professional or not, chances are that you have already had to take part in a conference call, at least once.

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5 books recommended by experts to increase your productivity now!

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Constant learning is essential to daily growth and improvement. Many are the ways to brush up on one’s skills in order to keep their knowledge fresh and up to date. Even the most experienced experts need help when it comes to their productivity levels. Books are one of the greatest ways to keep learning new things or improve build up on what we already know.

I have therefore selected a list of 5 books recommended by experts to help you improve your efficiency and, as a result, your time-management and productivity as well. 

1. Getting Things Done: How to Achieve Stress-free Productivity by David Allen

Getting things done - books on productivity

This book appears on every productivity must-read list. David Allen has been an executive coach and management consultant for 20 years. In this must-read, he introduced a simple and effective personal management method that has revolutionized the world of business. The GTD (Get things Done) method is a framework that you can use and adapt not only to your business but also to your life for improvement. It helps you get control over your life by categorizing all your tasks into through five main stages of mastering workflow. He shares his methodology for each of these stages and explains the benefits of this method on both your personal and professional lives. He also talks about the importance of relaxation for a productive life all around.  

“If you don’t pay appropriate attention to what has your attention, it will take more of your attention that it deserves”

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5 Tim Ferriss Podcasts you should listen to! (part 2)

Our main objective at Julie Desk is to help you save time so you can be more efficient and productive in all areas of your life. To help in this, today, I share with you 5 more The Tim Ferriss Show episodes worth listening to. This is the final part of the two-part series on the Tim Ferriss Show podcast.


Missed the first 5 episodes I recommended? Not to worry, you can still see and listen to them in the

Missed the first 5 episodes I recommended? Not to worry, you can still see and listen to them in part 1 of the selection 🙂

These episodes cover a range of topics such as leadership, business, personal and professional development, culture and much more. 

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5 Tim Ferriss podcasts you should listen to! (Part 1)

In recent years, podcasts have become increasingly popular and the topics covered vary greatly. There is a large number of podcasts that discuss the subject of productivity and efficiency like the Tim Ferriss Show.

The Tim Ferriss show - podcast

The Tim Ferriss Show is a weekly podcast hosted by, well, Tim Ferriss of course! We have already mentioned this entrepreneur and best-selling author in our “10 Productivity Influencers You Should Know” article. His podcast is also ranked #1 business podcast on iTunes and has been nominated for Best Podcast of the Year on several occasions. If you are looking to boost your productivity and personal and professional development skills, then I strongly recommend it! 

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10 Productivity Influencers You Should Know

As much as we all manage to meet deadlines and get the work done most of the time, we still seek to be more productive because we know that there is always room for improvement when it comes to time management. You can find countless productivity hacks and tools all over the internet and but sometimes it is also useful to find productivity experts that can help you in your efficiency levels on the daily.

For this reason, I have gathered 10 productivity influencers who speak on this topic quite often and who come up with new ideas and advice to help become more efficient. Whether you are a productivity addict or your time management skills are not up to par, you should check out some of these influencers to stay motivated.

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5 Meetings To Schedule This Summer!

Summer, summer … Lots of sun, fun and ice cream! Yes, summer is a great time for holidays! But it is also a great time to get some work done!

During the summer, things calm down: check your emails and you’ll probably notice that you don’t receive as many emails as you usually do. And that’s good! Instead of dreaming about your departure on holidays or being depressed if you already came back, make sure you make the most out of this summer time to increase your productivity and get things done!

Here are 5 meetings to book in your agenda this summer! No worries, Julie will help you get through this and avoid headaches while struggling with everyone’s holidays.

Meeting #1: Results Review

Summer means half of the year has already passed. Time to look back and see the results thus far.

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6 TED Talks about Productivity I found inspiring

We all want to save time and improve our productivity management. But with the rise of technologies, it’s getting more and more complicated.

If you feel a bit overwhelmed, take some time to watch these 6 TED Talks from inspiring people and see how you could gain productivity (you might wonder why 6? Well, no reasons. Why not after all 🙂 )

1. “All it takes is 10 mindful minutes” – Andy Puddicombe

“When did you last take 10 minutes to do nothing, really nothing?” Try to answer this question and you will see that it might have been a while! Andy Puddicombe is a meditation and mindfulness expert and a former Buddhist monk.

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