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No more running after time: Kima Ventures’s case study!

Jean de la Rochebrochard is a key player in the startup ecosystem. Since 2015, he has been a Partner at Kima Ventures, an “investment vehicle”, founded by Xavier Niel and which specializes in the investment of startups. To this date, Kima Ventures has more than 500 startups in its portfolio and invests in about 100 startups every year.

Find an efficient solution to multiply meetings and exchanges

Meetings are at the heart of VCs! Not only is it necessary to respond to the requests from new startups and avoid missing out on some future nuggets, but it also important to remain available for the entrepreneurs already in their portfolio, as well as meet and exchange with various players in the ecosystem.

With nearly 500 submissions received every week and just as many startups already in their portfolio, having a well managed agenda has become essential to Jean de la Rochebrochard in order to respond to a maximum of solicitations. And it also becomes very time-consuming.

“I used to spent a lot of time organizing my agenda, suggesting availabilities, answering and confirming them. That was a useless noise that I wanted to eliminate.”

Wishing to optimize the management of his agenda and the scheduling process, Jean sought a solution that could meet his needs and help him save time.First, he tested out several meetings scheduling solutions, such as or Calendly. Although these are quite effective in offering available time slots, they did not correspond to their needs and were not adapted to the profiles of their interlocutors at Kima Ventures.

“Most of my contacts do not like the “deal with my availabilities yourself” side of it; whereas with Julie, their habits are not turned upside down.”

When Jean heard of Julie Desk, he decided to test the solution: the fact that Julie interacts with her interlocutors in natural language, as any collaborator would, simplifies communication. Julie Desk allows him to optimize the user experience for his contacts and save time, therefore freeing him from having to manage the meeting scheduling process.

Julie, the solution to stop running after time!

Julie has been managing his agenda for a year and a half now and Jean is completely satisfied: “Thanks to simple and perfectly applied agenda management rules, Julie really helps me save time.”

According to him, the solution is adapted for people who have complex and full calendars; Not only will she make them gain time but thanks to her, they will also have a better vision of their agenda and therefore become more organized.

Jean trusts Julie completely and does not miss the times when he had to manage everything on his own! “Those are times that I wish never to return to”.

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