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Optimize your brand image with Julie! [Case study]

Erwan Coatnoan de Kerdu is the Head of ICV Finance, a company specialized in the evaluation and development of intangible capital for companies, to help them finance and protect themselves better. He is an expert in the management of company performance and his customers include SMEs and both national and international big groups.

Through his vast experiences in business creation, Erwan has shown his expertise and is renowned in the financial ecosystem.

Find an efficient solution to manage different types of meetings

Managing a company is no easy task and Erwan Coatnoan de Kerdu knows it well. He shares his expertise in performance creation with his numerous clients and international partners and follows them in the optimization of their business.

“I have at least 6 calls a day and I travel a lot to meet my clients. It is very time-consuming to deal with the back and forth emails, all in the aim of finding a time slot that suits everybody.”

He had already used Lucie, a French virtual assistant for the management of calls and he was also aware of the existence of virtual concierge services so, naturally, he looked for a virtual assistant to manage his busy calendar.

“The Julie Desk solution really met my expectations. With Julie, there is always an immediate answer and she carries out the assigned tasks very well. She takes into account all my clients’ different time zones and I can limit the number of meetings per week if I need to. Thanks to her, I can spend more time with my customers, which is a fundamental part of my job.”

Julie, the commercial assistant

Erwan recognizes the importance of delegating low value-added tasks to concentrate on more important tasks. With Julie, he knows that all the requests sent from his clients will always be handled efficiently. However, she is not only a personal assistant for him, she also has an important role in his company’s brand image.

“Julie also contributes to the brand image in the eyes of my clients and partners. They understand that I delegate so that I can focus on spending more time with them! Julie is adapted to entrepreneurs because we are all confronted with the same issues: how to save time, especially when it comes to administrative tasks, how to manage different time zones and how to spend more time with clients. Julie helps me tackle these questions with efficiency. She provides comfort at work and helps me work conscientiously.”

Although it is difficult to quantify the time saved thanks to Julie, Erwan considers that Julie helps him save at least 3 hours a day, in addition to a better brand image and an undeniable level of reactivity with his clients.

“No need to be online or in front of my computer, Julie takes care of my agenda 24/7!  This helps me avoid many unnecessary emails. She books time slots in my calendar and just simplifies my workload. I recommend this service to so many of my contacts!”

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