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"Julie, book a restaurant for me."

The weather is nice, why not schedule a business lunch on a nice terrasse? (or a well air conditioned restaurant)


Good news! Julie, your AI-based personal assistant, can now book your favorite restaurant! With this new feature, Julie Desk takes one step further to simplify the meeting scheduling process and make your life easier.

“This new feature shows how Artificial Intelligence can directly improve workers lives and release them from a bunch of repetitive and time-consuming tasks”, says  Julien Hobeika, CEO at Julie Desk.

Why this new feature?

While analyzing the type of meetings our dear Julie was scheduling, we realized that a lot of them were business lunches. Our users have their own habits regarding this type of meeting and they usually book tables at the same places. Booking a restaurant then became a repetitive task we could automate in order for Julie to manage business lunches/dinners from A to Z.

This new feature will be followed by others that go in the same direction:  make Julie 100% autonomous on the scheduling process in order to relieve users from low value and repetitive tasks.  Getting rid of these tasks allows professionals to focus on things that really matter, be more creative and productive.

Want to try?

To benefit from this new feature, you have to subscribe to an Executive Plan (check out our different plans) and tell Julie what your favorite restaurants are for your meetings.

Julie, unfortunately, doesn’t choose restaurants for you yet. She doesn’t yet have a fully developed taste for food (don’t forget, she is a bot), but maybe one day she’ll be able to suggest restaurants to you as she learns yours. For the time being, she only manages the booking in order to avoid culinary disappointments! Each to his own as we say 😉 Julie relies on online booking platforms and all bookings will be supervised by our executive operators to avoid any mistakes to not make you have lunch at your office!

The restaurant booking is part of the meeting scheduling process. Let’s see an example with Caroline and Mark from Julie Desk’s video presentation:

“Hi Mark,

Would you be free for a lunch at Caffe del Arte this week? Julie, in cc, will arrange this for us.


When receiving this email, Julie will first set up the meeting as she usually does and proposes some slots for a lunch to Mark. Once Mark has chosen a time that suits him, she will be able to directly book the restaurant specified by Caroline. Nice, isn’t it?

Why not try out this new feature? We offer a 15-day free trial. You will have time to set up some business lunches at terraced restaurants to enjoy the sun!
Don’t hesitate to share your best spots with us 🙂

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