Watch our live demo of Julie [Webinar]

On September 13th, we hosted our very first webinar! You missed it? No worries, we recorded it and you get watch it on demand 🙂

Why a webinar?

We have noticed that you have lots of questions regarding Julie: how to sign up, how to give access to my agenda, how do you secure the info, what kind of requests can I send to Julie, what languages does she understand etc.

It’s true that an AI-based scheduling assistant is kind of a new thing! So we’ve decided to host a global live webinar to answer all the questions you may have. Feel free to share your questions with us and we will add them to our presentation!

How will it work?

The best way to understand how Julie works and realize the value she can bring is to see it live! That’s exactly what we will be showing you!

Tom, Business Developer at Julie Desk, and I, cover everything from signing up to sending out requests live on your screens. You’ve always wanted to try but never actually did it? This webinar is made for you! You’ll be able to really see how Julie works, and realize that there is nothing to download, install or upgrade; as long as you have internet and an email address you can work with Julie.

We also share some tips to get the most out of your AI-assistant and share some use cases from our clients.

We know you all have busy and complex calendars so here is the good news: it’s just 30min and it’s 100% free.

To watch the recording, click on the banner below!

Webinar Julie Desk


You’d rather watch this webinar in Molière’s language? Not a problem! We have a French version😉

Let us know what you think about it!

Meet Guillaume Michiels, CPO at Julie Desk #LifeAtJulie

New episode in our series #LifeAtJulie! Today, we will meet the third co-founder of Julie Desk: Guillaume Michiels, our CPO (Chief Product Officer). Be ready for this spiritual moment; for those of you who don’t know it, Guillaume is also our Chief Voodoo Officer 😉!

Guillaume Michiels Julie Desk

1. Hi Guillaume, can you tell us a bit more about your background?

Hi there! What can I say… I grew up between Paris and its suburb in a loving family who have always motivated me to move forward.

2. How did you become an entrepreneur?

Becoming an entrepreneur has never been a conscious goal for me: At school, I found myself passionately working on a project with two of my dear friends and that’s how it all started! Since then, I’ve enjoyed everyday of this adventure, and I make sure to do everything I can to keep it on track.

3. What’s your role at Julie Desk? Can you describe a typical day?

I’m in charge of the product and the production. A typical day would be to deal with live production problems, to seek out ways to improve our processes and to design new features.

4. Any advice for people willing to do what you do?

The only thing you won’t ever regret is to try.

5. What is the main challenge you face (or have faced) while working at Julie Desk?

That’s a tough one… I like to see each day of my life as a new challenge to always make the most out of it. I would say I face my main challenge everyday, by doing things I have never done before.

6. Where do you see Julie Desk in 5 years?

The hub of thousands of AI-based services, freeing mankind from self-invented and illusional tasks, in a attempt to organize a material world! A hub that would let us get back to our roots and be in the present moment. Nothing less, nothing more😉

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Anywhere my dreams will have led me, trying to have a positive impact while improving myself.

8. Three words to describe you?

I don’t like to put people in boxes… But I would say positivist, candid & persevering.

9. Anything about you that people might not know and you’d like to share?

I was not expecting to say it out loud today, but Julie… I’m in love with you.

10. What is the first thing you do in the morning? Any routine?

The Five Tibetan Rites and meditation.

11. Your favorite App?

Spotify. It literally changed my life🙂

12. Favorite meal?


13. Favorite quote?

There are so many I love! The last one I have in mind is from Winston Churchill : “Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”

14. Who inspires you the most?

Still looking for this one…

15. Your best memory at Julie Desk?

When I felt the project was backed up by an external force than the three of us, the co-founders. That feeling first occurred when our first employees showed commitment towards the project. It made me realize at the same time, the beauty of working together as a group on something that goes way beyond our individual personalities. Happily, this feeling is getting stronger everyday😉

Thanks Guillaume for answering our questions! Any reactions? Want any tip on meditation? Leave us a comment!

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Meet Nicolas Marlier, CTO at Julie Desk #LifeAtJulie

Let’s continue with our series #BehindJulie, episode 2: meet Nicolas Marlier, co-founder and CTO at Julie Desk.

If you missed episode 1, you can still see it.

#LifeAtJulie-Nicolas Marlier

1. Hi Nicolas, can you tell us a bit more about your background?

I’ve always loved building things with my hands and with code since I was a child. Like Julien and Guillaume, I went to Polytechnique and founded the company just after that.

2. How did you become an entrepreneur?

I went to engineering school without a clear idea of what I wanted to become. There, I met alumni who founded their company, and I realized that this was what I was looking for, for two main reasons : the freedom and the high impact of your work day-by-day. And as Julien, Guillaume and I agreed on that, we decided to try something.

3. What’s your role at Julie Desk? Can you describe a typical day?

I’m the CTO, Chief Technology Officer, which means I’m the geekiest of the 3 founders😉. When we started, I was the one writing code all day long to build the product. Now, a typical day still includes coding, but also exploring new technologies, thinking about technical architecture, and making people work together.

4. Any advice for people willing to do what you do?

Don’t wait for opportunities or knowledge to come to you.

5. What is the main challenge you face (or have faced) while working at Julie Desk?

Talking with clients about technical subjects without knowing if I had the knowledge or not.

6. Where do you see Julie Desk in 5 years?

As a universal medium for people to use technologies naturally, without interface. Right now, Julie Desk may be defined as a virtual scheduling assistant, but looking at the larger picture, we are building an natural language interface between people and software.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still trying to make the world nicer with technology.

8. Three words to describe you?

Straightforward, passionate, bon vivant.

9. Anything about you that people might not know and you’d like to share?

I’m going to be a dad soon😉

10. What is the first thing you do in the morning? Any routine?

I drink an espresso.

11. Your favorite App?

Google apps. Definitively.

12. Favorite meal?

Hesitating between pizza and tartare.

13. Favorite quote?

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” ― Albert Einstein

14. Who inspires you the most?

People like Elon Musk, bringing science-fiction to present times.

15. Your best memory at Julie Desk?

Our first paying client😉

Thanks Nicolas. Any reactions? Leave us a comment!

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“Julie, book a restaurant for me.”

The weather is nice, why not schedule a business lunch in a nice terraced restaurant? (or a well air conditioned place)

Julie Desk - Restaurant Booking

Good news! Julie, your AI-based personal assistant, can now book your favorite restaurant! With this new feature, Julie Desk, takes one step further to simplify the meeting scheduling process and make your life easier.

“This new feature shows how Artificial Intelligence can directly improve workers lives and release them from a bunch of repetitive and time-consuming tasks”, says  Julien Hobeika, CEO at Julie Desk.

Why this new feature?

While analyzing the type of meetings our dear Julie was scheduling, we realized that a lot of them were business lunches. Our users have their own habits regarding this type of meeting and usually book at the same places. Booking a restaurant then became a repetitive task we could automate in order for Julie to manage business lunches/dinners from A to Z.

This new feature will be followed by others that go in the same direction:  make Julie 100% autonomous on the scheduling process in order to relieve users from low value and repetitive tasks.  Getting rid of these tasks allows professionals to focus on things that really matter, be more creative and productive.

Want to try?

To benefit from this new feature, you have to subscribe to an Executive Plan (check out our different plans) and tell Julie what your favorite restaurants are for your meetings.

Julie, unfortunately, doesn’t choose restaurants for you yet. She doesn’t have fully developed taste for food (she is a bot don’t forget), but maybe one day she’ll be able to suggest restaurants to you as she learns yours. For the time being she only manages the booking in order to avoid culinary disappointments! Each to his own as we say😉 Julie relies on online booking platforms and all bookings will be supervised by our executive operators to avoid any mistakes to not make you have lunch at your office!

The restaurant booking is part of the meeting scheduling process. Let’s see an example with Caroline and Mark from Julie Desk’s video presentation:

“Hi Mark,

Would you be free for a lunch at Caffe del Arte this week? Julie, in cc, will arrange this for us.


When receiving this email, Julie will first set up the meeting as she usually does and propose some slots for a lunch to Mark. Once Mark has chosen a time that suits him, she will be able to directly book the restaurant specified by Caroline. Nice, isn’t it?

Why not try out this new feature ? We offer a 30-day free trial. You will have time to set up some business lunches at terraced restaurants to enjoy the sun!
Don’t hesitate to share your best spots with us🙂

Start a free trial - Julie Desk

5 Meetings To Schedule This Summer!

Summer, summer … Lot of sun, fun and ice cream! Yes, summer is a great time for holidays! But it is also a great time to get some work done!

During the summer, things calm down: check your emails and you’ll probably notice that you don’t receive as many emails as you usually do. And that’s good! Instead of dreaming about your departure on holidays or being depressed if you already came back, make sure you make the most out of this summer time to increase your productivity and get things done!

Here are 5 meetings to book in your agenda this summer! No worries, Julie will help you get through this and avoid headache while struggling with everyone’s holidays.

Meeting #1: Results Review

Summer means half of the year has already passed. Time to look back and see the results thus far.

To avoid ever lasting and unproductive meetings, ask Julie to schedule a meeting with the folks from your team one week ahead and specify the metrics you expect to be presented as well as their main conclusions. As Julie includes all the notes in her meeting invites, everyone will know exactly what the goal of this meeting is and what needs to be prepared.

At the beginning of the year you probably defined your goals –if not, you should do it ASAP- so you can easily compare what you have achieved so far: 50% of the objective? Already at 80% of the goal or only 20% achieved?
This meeting will help you plan and adjust the end of the year.

If you don’t really know what kind of metrics you should follow, here are some KPI examples from Klipfolio

KPI Examples and Templates

Meeting #2: Process Management

Even if we already agreed that too many processes can prevent a company from being agile, it doesn’t mean you don’t need process!

Summer is a great time to handle fundamental subjects and work on your process. For instance, at Julie Desk, we take advantage of the summer to work on our CRM system: merge our data, implement new tools, redesign processes… All these tasks are easier to handle when business slows down a bit ; you have more time to focus on them. The result ? A better customer experience for our users in September🙂

Use these 2 months to settle your processes in: gather feedback and see what works, what doesn’t and what needs to be improved etc.

If your structure is complex and you really want to move on to your process management, you may have a look at tools dedicated to Business Process Management.

Meeting #3: Cleaning Time

Time to clean your to do list!

There are some great tools to help you better organize your tasks. At Julie Desk, we use Trello for instance : each week we can have an overview of the main project each team is working on and who is managing what.


If you also have a task management process, you may have noticed that sometimes, there are some tasks that you keep moving from one week to another. 2 options to explain it :

  • First, you are suffering from the little Monkey in your head (for those who don’t get this private joke, watch this TED Talks about procrastinators😉 ): In this case, you, or your manager, definitely need to set up a strong and non negotiable deadline to let know the little Monkey you’ve reached the emergency situation and really need to focus on that task to have it done by the deadline.
  • Second option, the goal of this task doesn’t seem that urgent anymore and in this case, you need to ask yourself if this task is still relevant or not :
    • Yes: you define a true deadline for it to be done quickly.
    • No: you need to archive it.

This cleaning will help you and your team have a better idea of what the main projects are and get September off to a good start ! That’s why you shouldn’t do this cleaning on your side: ask Julie to set up a quick meeting -don’t forget that Julie knows your preferences regarding meeting durations- when you will review the current tasks for your team.

If you don’t have a clear task management process, here are 3 methods to manage efficiently your tasks.

Meeting #4: Learning Sessions

How many times do we see an event we would love to attend, a book we want to read… but never find the time to do so ?

Now you may have more time! Don’t waste it! Summer is a great time to watch all the replays from events or tutorials, to read all the articles or books you had bookmarked from the beginning of the year.

As I said earlier, summer means we have already done the first half of the year and during your first meeting you might have realised that you need to get fresh ideas if you want to reach your goals by the end of the December.

Make a list of the things you would like to investigate and book them steadfastly in your calendar (don’t forget, Julie can help!). Stepping back from your day-to-day tasks will help you see things in a new way and bring more ideas to rock the end of the year!

If you need some inspiration, here is a “mega reading list” with books selected by Ted Speakers, for you to read this summer.

Meeting #5: fun time and … holidays!

When all your colleagues are on vacation and send you pictures of them drinking a nice cocktail on the beach to mock you, you tend to feel frustrated, especially if you are not taking vacation or already came back!


Don’t be frustrated! Take advantage of the summer to develop team building and organize nice activities with colleagues from the office: a lunch outside (BTW, have you noticed Julie can now book restaurants?), a movie projection, some outdoor activities… I am sure you will have plenty of ideas! It will help the summer workers enjoy those days and in the end, increase their productivity!

Yes, summer is great to move forward on your to do list. But summer is also great to… go on holidays: it will boost your productivity!
So don’t forget to send Julie, your flights, train, hotel reservations in order for her to update your calendar and make sure nothing will be added to distract you from having the best holidays!

Want a little tip ? One thing I love to do when I get back from holidays, is schedule my next ones in my calendar😉

What about you? What kind of tasks do you usually run during the summer?

Have a Nice Summer !

Julie has a new look: come and check it out!

It’s been almost 2 years since we launched Julie Desk! From a beginner level virtual assistant she has become very professional and reliable:

  • Tailor-made service
  • Around 300 clients
  • Thousands of meetings handled
  • New features added: weekly recap, booking of restaurant, meeting room management…

In line with her new status, Julie needed a new design. We are delighted to present Julie Desk’s new identity through our new website!

new website julie

A more professional and elegant website that reflects how Julie has evolved into who she is today! So let’s start the tour and see what has changed.

What if you had one extra hour a day?

What I really value is how much time Julie saves me every day!

Time-saving! This is what we mostly hear from our users when we ask for feedback on Julie, and that couldn’t make us happier! Indeed, saving time is one of our key drivers. We know how precious time is: for some of our users, saving 1 hour a day is the opportunity to get home at 7PM instead of 8PM, and spend more time with family and friends, for others, this saved hour will allow them to meet and interact with more people.

Everyone has their own way to use and value the time saved but one thing is sure: everyone wants to save time, don’t you agree?

Here is the main question:

What would YOU do if you had 1 extra hour a day?

Think about it, for just 2 seconds, and I am sure you will have plenty of ideas! Your time is precious so no need to waste it with low-value tasks: why send emails back and forth when it can be easily managed by new technologies like AI? At Julie Desk, we believe in technologies that make your life easier, that’s the reason Julie has been designed and that’s why we believe in her so strongly!

Wondering how much time Julie can save you by scheduling and managing your calendar related tasks? Ask her, she will calculate it for you🙂

Time goes by but Julie is always here!

Like the sand flowing in the background of our new website, time goes by. But whatever happens, you know you can rely on Julie, she is always around and manages to keep your calendar up to date 24/7. A meeting cancelation at midnight? Sleep tight, she will handle it! Julie is here to back you up and make sure your meetings are well managed and everything goes smoothly.

Julie is more than a tool, she is part of your team, a colleague you can count on. But she is AI, we can feel her presence; like on this new website, she is talking and interacting with us and our contacts but we can’t really see or listen to her! Which makes her mysterious and fascinating!

I'm Julie, your AI-based Virtual Assistant

You will also discover our new packages and pricing on this website: as mentioned before, Julie has changed and developed new features to maintain a more professional and powerful service. Artificial Intelligence features have increased but we still make sure the constant human supervision is in place to ensure your agenda is well managed and avoid any mistakes our robot could make. In the end, Julie is the best of human and machine intelligence combined.

Our pricing has increased but so has the quality! To prove it, we extended our trial period to 1 entire month (30 days), so you get a chance to really try Julie, and see how much time she could save you per day/week and get addicted to her!

Check out our new pricing. Any doubt? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Do you know our values?

Julie is great but she would be nothing without the strong and passionate team behind her! In this new website, we have highlighted our team members and what unites us, our core values. You will discover our team is serious but fun at the same time!

julie desk value

This is a quick shot of our new website but the best way to discover and enjoy it is by having a look yourself🙂 : check Julie Desk’s new website.

We also wanted to thank all of our partners who helped us build this new website:

  • Kristina Gudim from Workaholic Designer: Kristina is a very talented designer. She is customer centric and really gets involved in her project. She helped us think about the new identity of Julie Desk and bring it to life! If you need a new design, we can only recommend her!
  • Pablo Nieto from Arana Studio: we really wanted a video to highlight how Julie can be used and Pablo has been a great help. He listens carefully and then does his magic🙂
  • PhotoPrestathis is a new marketplace we discovered; you can book a photographer directly from their website. The pricing is clear and you see what kind of photos they do. They did our new portraits

And of course a huge thanks to all of our clients, without whom, this great adventure wouldn’t have been possible!

And don’t forget, sharing is caring! Let us know what you think of our new website and do not hesitate to share it with your network and ask them, what they would do if they had one more hour per day?

Me? With 1 more hour per day, I’d learn to play the Piano. You? #1hMoreADay

How is life at Julie Desk?

This is the start of a new series of articles: #LifeAtJulie!

Julie, is part of your daily life, but you might wonder who created her and who works for her… So let’s meet Julie’s team, to get started we’ve interviewed Julien Hobeika, CEO at Julie Desk and one of the Co-founders of the company.


 1. Hi Julien, can you tell us a bit more about your background?

Just after grad school I launched the company, never having worked anywhere except for the few internships I did in the Valley back in 2012. So everything I know, I learned by doing and launching the products before Julie Desk… (but same company) WePopp. To cut a long story short, we launched 2 products and pivoted twice before launching Julie Desk

2. How did you become an entrepreneur?

I think I got the taste of it by running a non-profit organisation in grad school. I thought, “I like having a project, so let’s have a project that can actually be a business”

3. What’s your role at Julie Desk? Can you describe a typical day?

I’m the CEO of Julie Desk. The typical day is say 30% sales, 30% communication and 30% Management and Administration and 10% just taking a step back😉

4. Any advice for people willing to do what you do?

Be Stubborn. Follow your dream and don’t give up too easily. It takes resilience to get what you want. So keep working and pivoting until you get there.

5. What is the main challenge you face (or have faced) while working at Julie Desk?

One of the most important challenges was doing our last pivot (the 2nd one) to start Julie Desk when we had only 2 months of cash left in the bank.
It was the only time in our adventure when we (2 co-founders and I) actually considered quitting and doing something else. I’m glad we didn’t.

6. How do you see Julie Desk in 5 years?

We see Julie Desk with clients all over the world and being able to help them in every aspect of their day to day business life (booking restaurants, flights, hotels, taxis, etc)

7. How do you see yourself in 5 years?

At Julie Desk, changing the world with the team.

8. Three words to describe you?

Stubborn, Smiling and Stubborn again😉

9. Anything about you that people might not know and you’d like to share?

It’s probably the same for all entrepreneurs but I think it’s the Entrepreneur Schizophrenia: Behind our appearance of being always confident we, actually, are only human and we doubt a lot! (If not always)

10. What is the first thing you do in the morning? Any routine?

I exercise (very short between 7 to 15 min)

11. Your favorite App?

Google Maps. I don’t know what I would do without it

12. Favorite meal?

Salmon with spinach

13. Favorite quote?

Do things that don’t scale

14. Who inspires you the most?

“The hard thing about hard things” from Ben Horowitz is the most impactful and inspiring book I read so far!

15. Your best memory at Julie Desk?

Every day is better than the previous one when you scale your company, because it’s bigger each day. But one important memory is when we charged our first client!

Thanks Julien. Any reactions? Leave us a comment!

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