How to get to Inbox Zero?

E-mail is a widely preferred tool for employees who wish to communicate with each other. But it would seem there is a limit to the advantages it can offer. In fact, many studies point to the waste of time and effort caused by the continuous flow of emails every day.
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How do we get rid of endless meetings?

It is difficult to escape them even though 52% of them are considered unproductive. What are they? Meetings, of course! The transition to the New Year is a great opportunity to make good resolutions, so check out our tips for shortening your business meetings and boosting their effectiveness.
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Corporate social responsibility: A strategic challenge for companies and employer branding

A key concern for companies interested in sustainability and employee loyalty, corporate social responsibility continues to be a hot topic. We take a closer look at what’s at stake for companies and the various issues surrounding this multi-faceted concept. Ethics and transparency Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to the strategies...