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Automating your appointment taking – the testimonial of Marc Laurent

Marc is a founding partner of Kerala Ventures, a venture capital fund launched in 2015. Kerala Ventures invests tickets between €100,000 and €1.5 million in startups that are in the very first months of their lives. They make no more than 4 to 5 investments per year in order to be able to support their startups in a very operational manner: In fact, they handle recruiting for them. They mainly support start-ups in the fields of web and mobile software and apps.

No more wasting time arranging appointments

With his business, Marc Laurent has a lot of meetings: “I have between 8 and 10 meetings a day: a break fast every morning with entrepreneurs, 2 recruitment interviews for our start-ups every night, and 5 to 7 meetings and calls in a day.”

Organizing all of these appointments was a time consuming task that made it difficult for him to be efficient: “I wasted time planning, cancelling and changing appointments and it forced me to move from one task to another really quickly, which meant losing my concentration.”

Marc sought out a solution to optimize his agenda management and free himself from this task. “Calendly solutions
seemed a bit cold to me; nobody likes to get an automatic link to choose a slot in a calendar. It doesn’t send a very positive signal to our contacts.”

Having heard of virtual assistants, Marc first tested an American solution to manage his appointments. “In principle that’s what I needed, but there were too often errors that forced me to take over the organization of the appointment myself. In the end, I couldn’t completely free myself from this task,” he said.

He then discovered Julie Desk, who, in addition to being available in French and English, also has human supervision to guarantee the quality of service.

Julie Desk + Zapier automates paperwork for recruitments interviews

To gain efficiency in the management of his two daily recruitment interviews, Marc uses Julie Desk with Zapier. He has set up email templates that are automatically sent to the candidates he wants to meet. Then he copies Julie Desk on the emails. She then takes over the organization of the meeting without Marc having to do anything:”It saves me a considerable amount of time and sends a very positive brand image to our candidates!”

Marc has been using Julie Desk for almost 2 years and has full confidence in the solution: “Once Julie is in the loop, I don’t have to worry about anything anymore, I know that my meeting is going to be organized.”

Check out Marc’s experience:

And to go further, download the full case study of Julie Desk’s implementation at Kerala Ventures.

As Marc says: For all those who like to organize their own meetings, fine, continue! For the rest of you, there’s Julie Desk!”

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