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The evolution of Customer Success at Julie Desk

Behind every great service, there are users. Keeping users happy and satisfied with the service is essential for the continuity of a company.

My role at Julie Desk

In a start-up, the Customer Success Manager (CSM) is a jack-of-all trades, they enjoy contributing to everything! I’m in charge of everything that revolves around customer experience and satisfaction. It’s just two of us in the CSM team at Julie Desk: Justine, the Customer Success Leader and me. Justine mainly manages key accounts while I’m in charge of SMBs and customer training in French and English. In our daily work at CSM, we work on several subjects:

    • Communication to inform our clients of Best Practices:We send emails to share little tips to make user collaboration with Julie even more enjoyable!
    • Customer follow-up:This is essential. Follow ups guarantee the customer that each of the key steps he will encounter during his experience goes without a hitch.
    • Support:We provide support to help those who need training to use Julie.
    • Training:Whether its via webinars or training sessions on Skype / Zoom, we train each of our users and answer all their questions.
    • The upsell:Since its creation, Julie Desk has proposed several plans, with different services, to be to meet the expectations of each type of customer. Our clients each have a plan that meets their expectations. But as everyone knows, our expectations may change! So, it’s up to us to propose a new plan to our customers and thus generate upsell.

The CSM’s main objective is to be as close as possible to the client to accompany him throughout his experience with Julie in order to detect his needs and respond to them in the best possible way.

Customer follow-up

Every week we organize at least 10 appointments with our clients. This is where Julie Desk comes in and saves me precious time by automating the appointment taking process. To use Julie ( I just have to copy her on the mail that I send to my customer. (For example: Julie, please arrange a 15-minute call this week with Paul) and Julie will exchange with my client to agree on a date.

De : Margot
À :   Paul
Cc :
Object : Call this week

Hello Julie,

Please, organise a call of 15 minutes this week with Paul.

Margot Carrion | Customer Success Manager
Tel: +33 1 76 42 02 97
“Don’t just schedule your meetings, Julie Desk them!”

It’s the same for our clients: they save an average of 1 to 2 hours a week thanks to Julie, giving them more time to work on their company’s image, recruit talent and get even more appointments and professional opportunities. Julie is an integral part of the company. We consider her as an employee that works 24/7 and she answers quickly (on average 20 minutes). I have many clients who are in the European Union, Asia, Oceania or the United States and it’s not easy to find a time to talk on the phone with everyone. Julie is of a great help to me: all I have to do is tell her where my contact is, and she’ll find the perfect time slot for a call!
Example: Julie, please organize a 15-minute call this week with Paul who is in NY.

In the meantime, I can advance on tasks with higher added value like creating content for e-learning. (Julie’s users have very different profiles and different ways of learning, while some prefer to read books to memorize information, others prefer to watch videos.)

Digitizing support

To answer this problem, we’ve set up online training with our customers in the form of webinars on specific topics, in addition to our FAQ. In order to do so, we produce videos on our website in French and English. This way, everyone can develop their skills with the service!


Another thing Julie taught me is to be more organized. For Julie to be efficient and save you precious time it only takes 2 things!
First, make her a precise request that answers the following 4 questions: Who? What? When? and/or? and have a perfectly up-to-date calendar where you tell Julie about all your events.
Second, whether I’m teleworking, traveling or on vacation, I tell Julie in my calendar.
It is thanks to this organization and Julie that I was able to find time to create videos and offer more skype and face-to-face training to my clients. These videos take back content almost similar to the themes seen in webinar with the difference that they are accessible by all and all the time.

In short, Julie saves me precious time which allows me to be more efficient and work on new projects!

Margot’s technique for a better personal organization and productivity it’s Julie ! And you ? Tell us in comment 🙂