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The Sky’s The Limit : A new round of funding for Julie Desk

Today is an important day for Julie Desk: We are happy to announce that we have completed our most recent round of funding with 2.5 million euros thanks to Entrepreneur Venture, SaaS Lab and Side Capital. Side Capital has once again invested, renewing its trust in our company.

4 years ago we started the Julie Desk adventure (Formerly Wepopp), and set ourselves the objective to save time. Time to be with your teams, to be present as leaders and connect with clients and time for you, for your family and friends. And in doing so, we wanted to ameliorate your quality of life and work. Because in a fast-moving world, time is essential.

Time, as it is managed today, is lost on repetitive, valueless tasks, such as agenda planning and meeting coordination. In fact, working professionals spend at least one half-day per week on this task! A number of clients have even told me that, even though they have an assistant, this task isn’t one they want to delegate because it is such a thankless job, and would get in the way of assistants’ other assignments.

Faced with a lack of solutions to this problem, we started developing an app, but the limits of this model quickly came to light: saving time on scheduling appointments by making clients adopt and learn how to use a new app seemed contradictory. Interfacing with emails with the help of Artificial Intelligence presented itself as an obvious solution: and so, the relationship between man and machine became central to the conversation.

Today, Julie Desk is a part of the daily routine for hundreds of companies allowing them to better the lives of employees and gain their loyalty. In a transforming job market where work-life balance and task-value are ever more important, companies must show that they are flexible, collaborative, more balanced and more human. Its an incredible feat, and one that we set out to accomplish with you.

With these new funds, we are going to accelerate our development and enhance Julie’s performance:

  • Stronger algorithms: to double performance and increase its autonomy.
  • New functions: to respond to the needs of bigger clients, with skype integration for business as well as the ability to handle train reservations.

Delegating one’s agenda implies great responsibility and that is why we will continue to work to guarantee quality and security in the use of our service. Though automation is key for us, we aim to preserve supervised AI, because it is precisely the collaboration between man and machine that makes our solution so powerful.

We are also going to accelerate our commercial development, specifically in the anglo markets. One of the characteristics that makes Julie special in the AI market is its bilingualism. Julie is the only virtual assistant capable of handling demands in French and English, a task that is quite the undertaking when one works in Natural Language Processing or NLP.

After our last round of funding, we tried to penetrate the anglo-markets but ultimately decided to focus on the French market and collaborate with renowned companies. Today, our experience in France gives us a legitimacy that we can use to solidly establish ourselves in those same anglo-markets, and these funds will help make that happen!

A special thanks to our investors: Entrepreneur Venture, SaaS Lab and Side Capital, who believe in us and have placed their trust in Julie. They are entrepreneurs above all, who understand business and who will give us much more than money: real expertise in the field.
Thanks to our clients who have shown confidence and continued loyalty in us by using Julie daily. They are the ones who make her evolve and grow.
Thanks to our team, for their dedication and enthusiasm. Without them, Julie wouldn’t exist.
And finally, thanks to all those who accompany us and believe in our work.

It’s a new chapter for Julie Desk, one that is rich in opportunity and that we can’t wait to write with your help.