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Julie, an assistant for all VC! [case study ]

Ben Marrel is Managing Partner at Breega, a venture capital firm financing European innovative tech start-ups at Seed/Series A stage.

Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Breega manages 150M € and acts as an active business partner rather than a simple investor, bringing on top of cash, an industry and operational expertise as well as an international business development leverage to its portfolio.

Automating appointment taking to concentrate on investing in top-notch startups

Being a Venture Capitalist implies scheduling several appointments with external people. Ben Marrel explains: “Because I had on average 20 meetings weekly, I used to spend endless hours scheduling them”

The time dedicated to the ecosystem is a key resource for investment funds, in particular Breega that operates as a real partner rather than a simple financier. Hence, the challenge for Ben and his team to find a solution that allows them to optimize their time management and become more efficient.

“I would rather spend my time meeting and exchanging with entrepreneurs and actors in our ecosystem than doing repetitive, time-consuming and non-value adding tasks such as appointment scheduling.”

Julie Desk serving entrepreneurs at Breega: an extremely positive ROI!

The different solutions available on the market did not meet their expectations. Most required for the interlocutors to follow several links and then create profiles on separate pages or sites. “These solutions are too constraining and not adapted to our types of exchanges.”

Having heard about Julie Desk, Ben decided to give the solution a try because it matched his expectations: “the advantage of Julie is that it’s completely seamless: you just need to send an email.” Today, the whole team at Breega uses Julie Desk.

Julie’s strong points according to Ben? Considerable time and efficiency gained. He explains: “once I add Julie to the email thread, I no longer worry about anything”

No more going back and forth in emails to find a time slot that is convenient for everyone, last minute cancellations or appointments rescheduling; Julie manages all appointments for Ben and his associates: “Today, Julie schedules almost 80 meetings monthly for me.”

Although it is difficult to estimate exactly how much time Julie has helped Ben and his associates gain, he estimates that Julie has helped him save 4 hours per month.

With Julie Desk, Ben Marrel and his associates can concentrate on what really matters: invest in some French Tech nuggets and help them reach success.

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