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Julie, a sales assistant for consultants! [case study]

Twelve Consulting is an independent consulting firm specialized in digital transformation in the Banking, Insurance and Health sectors. Christophe Amouroux, founder & CEO of Twelve Consulting states: “Our objective is to help our customers define and implement their digital strategy with the aim of delivering the best possible experience to their clients.”

Created in september 2014, the firm now has 35 “twelvers” and 25 customers, big and small, such as Devialet, Vidal, Natixis, IPSEN and Crédit Agricole.

Automating appointment scheduling to optimize time management

Optimizing time management is a challenge for us all, but it is even more critical for people who have to deal with multiple matters simultaneously (clients, missions, partners…). “As CEO of Twelve Consulting, my job is to spend as much time as possible with my teams and my clients and for that, I need to free my schedule of all low added value tasks”.

Because they constantly monitor the latest technological developments that could improve customer experience for their clients, artificial intelligence is now at the heart of Twelve Consulting’s main subject matters. That is how they discovered the Julie Desk service and Christophe started to try it out. “This trial helped me confirm that Julie really met my expectations. I found that this approach was very relevant.”

Julie Desk is more than a link to your calendar. She personalizes the interactions with Christophe’s contacts, most of whom have not realized that she is virtual. Christophe would not even dare think about sending a link to his contacts asking them to select themselves the time slots that is convenient for them. “Even I wouldn’t want to do that,” he says.

Julie, an assistant for daily efficiency and a business assistant!

Today, 10 people in Twelve Consulting management team use Julie Desk on a daily basis. Christophe Amouroux adds: “a good amount of time is saved when scheduling in-house management meetings.”

Twelve also uses Julie as part of its missions, particularly during the development phase as it requires multiple meetings with their clients’ leading teams. “Because of everyone’s busy schedules, having Julie schedule these meetings is a real gain in time and operational efficiency!”

Moreover, Julie also has an impact on the firm’s commercial efficiency. She assists Christophe and his team in sending reminders for meetings requests!

“Previously, if someone didn’t give answer to my appointment request, I would often forget to send a reminder and as a result, the meeting would never take place. Now, thanks to this automatic reminder feature, I don’t have to worry about that. Julie takes care of emailing them as reminder without being too pushy!”

A better life balance

Although it can be difficult to quantify the time gain, the value of Julie Desk lies also in the balance that she provides to her users: “the time that I gain thanks to Julie allows me to spend more time with my family, my friends and a better life balance altogether.”

And when we ask Christophe if he would recommend Julie, his response is “Yes, without a doubt! I already recommend her anyway, especially to my clients.”

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