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Optimize your calendar management with Julie! [Case Study]

Frédéric Ooms is the Executive Director of ID Campus, a non-profit organization that offers trainings and workshops to stimulate and nurture creativity and innovation among students, entrepreneurs, organizations and helps them bring their ideas to life.

As Executive Director and entrepreneur himself, Frédéric Ooms works, not only with individuals such as students, entrepreneurs, managers and executives but also with startups, SMEs and other organizations to stimulate their creative and develop innovative products, services and business models.

Find an efficient solution to manage a different types of meetings

“I have a very busy schedule. I schedule and attend internal meetings, teach during trainings and meet with clients regularly to develop a strategy that best corresponds their needs.”

A year ago, when he discovered Julie Desk through a search on Google, Fred was looking for a virtual assistant to become more agile in the management of his calendar. He was attracted to the Julie Desk service because of the added human contact that makes it different to other automated services.

“Time management is really important to me. Before, it used to take 4 to 5 emails to schedule a single meeting. It was time consuming. I needed a solution to better manage my time. I was aware of virtual assistant services out there but had never heard about AI-based assistants. When I found Julie Desk, I was immediately seduced; the human component to the service is key, I don’t feel like I am talking to a machine!”

Julie provides efficiency and tranquility

Thanks to this solution, Frédéric has complete peace of mind, knowing that his calendar is scheduled correctly and he has more time to focus on more value-added tasks, such as working with all his different collaborators and customers.

“Because Julie handles my calendar so perfectly, I don’t even need to look at the email exchanges or the meetings scheduled. I have complete trust in Julie!”

Julie Desk is a service adapted for entrepreneurs and executives who have to deal with the scheduling of several meetings, sometimes at once.

“I think Julie saves me about 2 hours per week and she schedules a lot of meetings for me, she will help me find a balance between my personal and professional life.”

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